Warning Signs of a Bad Neighborhood

When you shop for a new home, the neighborhood is an important consideration.  Knowing the signs of a bad neighborhood can save you from a tremendous amount of heartache, including purchasing a property that is not worth its value.  Following are warning signs that the neighborhood is bad.

Vacant homes. If the neighborhood has a lot of foreclosed, neglected, or if it is vacant you should consider this a warning sign.  Empty homes and buildings can result in a lower market value of properties.

Unkempt yards are another sign of a bad neighborhood simply because this shows a lack of pride on the part of the homeowners.  The exterior of the home should be clean and well maintained.

Also, steer away from neighborhoods that have cars kept on the lawns and that are high in graffiti.

The neighborhood should show signs of residents!  If you don’t see anyone walking around the neighborhood or kids playing then this is a
sign that the neighborhood may not be safe.

Few or vacant businesses. When there are few or vacant businesses in the area, then there are many customers.  This is a sign of a rundown area.  Also, take a look at what type of businesses are in the area.

Property values that show a downward trend. A sure sign that the neighborhood is declining is a decline in property values. You’ll find that when a neighborhood is going bad, the homes don’t appreciate as well.

An unusually high amount of rental properties.  If the neighborhood has a large number of renters, you may find that the neighborhood / homes are not as well maintained.  Renters don’t seem to have the interest in a property like the actual owner.

A lot of police patrolling the streets. One sign of a high crime neighborhood is a lot of police cars.  Typically speaking, it means that there is a high crime rate.  The crime rate is something you always want to check out before you move into a neighborhood.

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