Urban Home Show in Denver

The Urban Home Show, held in the picturesque Skyline Park, will be occurring Saturday, June 14th from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Whether you’re looking for landscaping ideas, decorating patterns, or remodeling suggestions, this free event provides solutions to each.

By providing a variety of creative home ideas and useful arrangement setups, the Urban Home Show showcases the latest in what will make your home trendy, homey, and even more valuable. Whether your home is a masterpiece of the chic or a disaster waiting to be remodeled, there are experts ready and willing to show you how to make your abode even better.

The variety of exhibits and live demos not only give practical ways to enhance a living space, but they also allow you to incorporate the suggestions through different services and helpful products. Let expert ideas transform your home into a greater asset, and enjoy live music as you hear from the many home-improvement sponsors of the event.

The Urban Home show takes place in Skyline Park. A proverbial sanctuary in the middle of downtown Denver, the location is a perfect setting, boasting its own beautiful landscaping and urban flair. And, since the park also hosts corresponding movie, a concert series, and an urban market, the Urban Home Show provides education, application, and entertainment.

If your home could use a refresher in interior decorating, gardening techniques, or just needs to be completely redone, visit the Urban Home Show on June 14th. There is no cost for admission, and the show promises to provide ways to improve your household’s aesthetic and financial value. Take your home’s future and turn it into something that will be a lasting expression of practicality and functionality, and enjoy a beautiful Saturday in the park while doing so. The Urban Home Show is sure to be beneficial and enjoyable for the whole family.