Should You…or Shouldn’t You? Things to Consider when You Sell Your Home

There are many factors homeowners consider when it comes time to put their home on the market- should you list the home “For Sale by Owner?”  Should you put a lot of work into the home in order to improve its value before you place it on the market?  Should you wait until peak season to put your home on the market?  There are many things to consider.  Let’s take a look at a few.

Home Improvement Tips

Home improvements are one of those “Should I, or Shouldn’t I” questions. The real estate market has been improving steadily with many predictions that the recovery will continue this 2013.  Home improvements will help your home to stand out above others on the market.  It is important that you carefully calculate high dollar improvements, repairs and upgrades and weigh to ensure that they will add value to your home (your real estate agent can help you here).   Following are the top home improvement projects that attract buyers.

1.    Painting.  A fresh coat of paint is one of the easiest and cheapest home improvements you can make that will attract buyers.  A fresh coat of paint gives the appearance that the home has been well cared for and gives the home a fresh smell. To attract the largest volume of buyers, paint in neutral colors.
2.    Clean or replace the carpets.  Stained carpets and / or carpets with odors diminish the value of a home, the appearance of the home, and don’t sit well with potential buyers.  Dirty carpets are not welcoming, and give they give the impression that the home was not well-kept.
3.    The kitchen is one of the biggest factors in a home for home buyers.  No matter what the layout or appliances in your home, your kitchen should be updated.  A fresh coat of paint, or finish to the cabinets, updated fixtures, and new lighting will all enhance the appearance of the kitchen to attract more buyers.  If your appliances are outdated, then consider new energy efficient, stainless steel appliances.
4.    The exterior of your home should be in stellar condition as this is the first impression of your home that homebuyers will have.  Power wash the exterior of the home, the sidewalks, and the driveways.  Paint and repair the exterior if necessary.  Mow the lawn and have all trees and bushes trimmed.  If your home has decks and patios, consider refinishing the deck and staging it for the homebuyer.
5.    Bathrooms are another room in the home that should be immaculate.  Re-caulk and re-grout the showers, sinks and tubs.  Also stage the bathroom with fresh scented soaps and personal hand towels.

Should You Wait Until Peak Season to Sale?

Peak season is during the summer and fall, and a common question among homeowners is whether they should wait until peak season to sell their home.
One factor that home sellers have to consider is that there are buyers at all times of the year.  While many real estate agents may advise to wait if the home seller is not in a rush to sell their property, with the right agent, anytime of the year can be beneficial.

Should You List Your Home For Sale by Owner?

Selling a home “For Sale by Owner” means a substantial savings.  The process is a legal process, and there is a lot of money involved, and it will be necessary that the seller has specific knowledge before he / she places the home on the market.

Home sellers will need to possess market knowledge in order to ensure that they properly price the home and use marketing strategies to sell the home.   The home seller will need to have good communication skills to interact with potential home buyers and will need to have good negotiating skills.  They will also have to detach themselves emotionally from their home, as an emotional connection to the home can stand in the way of one’s ability to sell the home.

The advantages of a real estate agent are that the agent is an expert in market knowledge and expertise.  Agents specialize in local real estate markets and have the tools to market the property in multiple channels thus bringing in high volumes of potential buyers.  Real estate agents act on behalf of the seller in each step of the process, from helping to stage the home, to setting a price, to showing a home, to negotiating the deal, to closing the deal.  Sellers who don’t have specific knowledge, or the necessary time or skill to show the home, will benefit from the assistance of a real estate agent.

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