Selling Your Durango, Colorado Property

Whatever the reason may be for you choosing to sell your Durango, Colorado property, it is a big decision, and one that you want to consider wisely.  Following, we’ve listed a pleasant guide to help assist you in your sale.

Steps to Selling Your Property

Selling Objectives

There is a lot of preparation required in selling a property and knowing your objectives in selling your property is important.  Perhaps you are relocating, downsizing or upsizing, or perhaps you just wish to move to a different climate or atmosphere.  It is important to know your objectives- what is your asking price, what is necessary to make your property “sell ready”, how soon do you need the property to sell?  These are all important questions.

Also, it is a wise idea to consult with your tax advisor or attorney in order to understand the ramifications of the sale of your property.

Select a Real Estate Broker

When you consider a real estate broker you don’t want to just consider one.  Interview several brokers.  The interview is to evaluate the broker, their experience, their abilities, their professionalism, and how they will market your property.  You should have a list of questions ready for the interview which will help guide you in selecting a broker.

The realtor should provide you with a comparative market analysis during the interview, which will show you properties that have recently sold, as well as, active properties and ones that have been withdrawn from the market or expired listings.

The broker should also discuss a strategy to sell your property which will include how he will market and advertise the property.  Lastly, the realtor should recommend a selling price.

Seller Representation

Colorado State offers two ways in which sellers can be represented- a seller’s agent or as a transaction broker.  Because of the close relationship of a realtor and seller it is recommended that a seller’s agent (realtor) be the preferred choice.  Transaction brokers are not the advocate that the seller has in a realtor.

Pricing Strategy

One of a seller’s most challenging decisions is the list price of the property.  Too high, and you risk losing the valuable first few weeks on the market.  Too low, and you are concerned that you are giving away your property.  Selling price is a tough decision for the seller and this is where your experienced real estate broker is the expert in the situation.  Real estate brokers are more objective than buyers, as they are not emotionally attached to the property, and they are the area and market experts.  Today’s buyers know the market and market values and are turned off by homes that are priced over market value.  If your property is on the market and you aren’t getting showing, or you are showing the property but no offers are coming in, you likely have the property overpriced.

When you determine the list price you will also want to consider the home’s condition, age, location, and features that make your property stand out from others on the market.

Evaluate your local market and position yourself ahead of the market.  For instance if you are in an area with a low supply of housing inventory, then consider setting the list price slightly above recent comparable sales.  If the market is a buyer’s market then you want to consider listing your home at market value or slightly below.

Property Staging

Prepping your property for sale is an important part of your marketing strategy.  Here you want to consider every inch of the property, and to make every inch sparkle and shine!

Curb Appeal

First impressions are everything and you want that first impression to start from the moment your potential buyers drive up to your home.  Here you want to use your real estate agent, as well as, all your own senses- what will potential buyers see, hear and smell?  From the curb to the home, your home should say “welcome home”.

Improve your landscape- mow your lawn, prune all bushes and shrubs weed the garden and plant flowers.  Everything about the exterior of your home should be immaculate. Power wash the home’s siding, the driveways, and the walkways.  Get a ladder out and clean the gutters.  Add a fresh coat of paint to the front door, a nice welcome mat, and a new knocker.

Make Repairs

For a quick and top dollar sale you want your home in the best possible condition; therefore, make all the minor repairs that give the impression that the home has been well cared for and is move in ready.

De-clutter, Organize and Depersonalize

Part of the potential buyers’ appeal to a home is their visualization of them living in the home.  Consider renting a storage space and pack up all the clutter, the treadmill, and all things that clutter the home and hinder its appeal.  Also pack away personal effects.  Organize the entire home.  Everything should have a place and every nook and cranny of the home should be appealing, including the junk drawer.


Your bathroom is a selling feature in your home and it should sparkle and shine.  Start with cleaning and adding a fresh paint of coat to the walls.  Clean the tub and shower to remove all soap scum (nothing makes a buyer run like soap scum!).  Clean the floors, countertops, lights, sinks, and fixtures.  If your bathroom is outdated, then consider sprucing it up with new lights, new faucets, and fixtures. If you are trying to give the illusion of a larger bathroom space, then consider a pedestal sink and adding a border at the top of the bathroom walls.

Set out nice soaps and fresh new hand towels.

Master Bedroom

Your master bedroom should be comfortable for either sex.  If your room is pure flowers, than the eyes will roll of male home buyers.  Try to have a neutral color and décor that will attract both sexes.  In other words, remove gender specific items and colors!


Kitchens are a main selling point in a home and another priority in preparing your home for the market.  Clear all clutter- get all the clutter off the counters, clean the refrigerator, go through the drawers, and de-clutter and organize EVERYTHING!  Clean every inch from the ceiling fixtures to the walls to the floor and everything between.

If your kitchen cabinets are dull then consider a fresh coat of paint or refinishing them.

Place two or three decorative items on your kitchen counters, such as, a basket of fruit, flowers or a plant and fresh cookies.


Organize all closets and add lights to the closets if possible.

The Day of Your Showing

On the day of your showing your home should look immaculate- rooms should feel spacious, and it should have a move in ready appeal.  Let as much light in as possible.  If the showing is at night, turn on the lights to illuminate the home.

If your home has any smells that you are having a difficult time with, brew some strong coffee to cover the smell and bake a fresh batch of cookies to place on the counter.

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