Low Cost Home Improvements

Most homeowners feel as though their home is their sanctuary.  It’s much more than a sanctuary, however.  It is an asset and it is important to not only maintain your home, but, also to occasionally spend some time and money on low cost improvements. Home improvement projects not only add to the enjoyment of the home, they add to the value of the home.

Low Cost Home Improvement Ideas

Replace the carpet.  Old carpet or carpet that is an ugly color or in poor condition is definitely worth replacing.  The cost of new carpet isn’t as much as you think that it would  be.  In fact to replace the carpet in a home, the cost is generally about $300 per room.  The benefit is a home that is updated, and one that offers a new sense of comfort.

Update your bathroom.  Yes, a complete bathroom remodel is costly; so, consider updating one or two features in the bathroom.  A new sink, the addition of shelves and sconces, a floor replacement, new mirrors and faucets, a jetted tub, a new showerhead, and heated towel bars are all low cost updates.

Paint.  Paint is one of you most affordable and most transforming improvements to a home- not to mention, it is a project that is simple to do.  A new coat of paint can take a room from dull to dazzling.

Organize your home.  An organized home is a comfortable home and it makes a huge difference in the appearance of the home.  Consider closet organizers, pantry organizers, and storage in the garage and attic.

Install wainscoting.  Raised wood panels add sophistication and style and they update the home in a truly attractive manner.

Have your cabinets face lifted.  A cabinet facelift is a budget solution to updating many rooms.  Consider new finish or paint, and new knobs.

Update the lighting.  The perfect touch of ambience can be achieved through lighting, and this is a project that can be done room by room.

Update the windows.  While this can be a costly makeover, it is one that will not only add value and attractiveness to your home, it is one that will save on energy costs should you go with energy efficient windows, and a makeover that can be done room by room.

Home improvements can be simple or complex and are a means to bring about more pleasure in the home, as well as, add value to the home.

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