Interested in How Denver’s Population Compares to That of Other Metro Areas?

Denver’s population  is about 2.6 million.  It’s ranking among  the population of US cities is #21.  In the first spot is New York, with a whopping 18.9 million residents.  Other highly populated metro areas include Los Angeles, Chicago, and Dallas – Fort Worth.

So, how do these major metro cities within the US compare?  Let’s take a look.

While Colorado may be in the #21st position, New York leads the pack in highly populated metro cities.  What comes next? We’ve listed a few of the metro cities for you to take a look at, according by rank.
•    2. Los Angeles
•    3. Chicago
•    4. Dallas – Fort Worth
•    5. Houston
•    6. Philadelphia
Who else is larger than the Denver / Aurora metro area?  Well, we’ve got Tampa-St. Petersburg, Washington DC-Arlington, Riverside-San Bernardino, St. Louis, Atlanta, Miami-Fort Lauderdale, Phoenix, Minneapolis, Seattle, San Francisco, Baltimore, and San Diego.

What Colorado State has, is the fantastic Rocky Mountains, and you’ll find that even in our most populous cities, there is a “green” that most major metro cities “just” don’t have.

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