Denver Real Estate Market Enhanced by Walkable Neighborhood Scores

The Denver real estate market is enhanced by walkable neighborhood scores.  Across the nation, walkable neighborhoods are increasing in popularity.  While the trend may seem “hip” it is convenient and one that many homeowners are finding to be an ideal lifestyle.  The closer your home is in proximity to parks, shops, restaurants and other community facets, the more capable you are to travel there on foot.  Real estate transactions this past 2012 show that many Denver homebuyers are trending towards these types of neighborhoods.

The attractiveness is not just a lifestyle that offers an inclusive lifestyle.  With the economy constantly changing, we see frequent fluctuation in the prices of gas to consumers.  More and more consumers are interested in measures to cut corners and save.  One of the best and easiest means to do this is to walk instead of drive.

According to a George Washington University professor, a home that is in close proximity to community facets is a wanted home.  The report shows that high scores are given to homes where residents can walk to reach the community venues.  Communities where residents do not need a vehicle to live and work are much more attractive to homebuyers, according to DC:  The WalkUP Wake-Up Call ,state Professor Christopher B. Leinberger.  The report records that homes in such neighborhoods have a higher market value.

Homebuyers will find that a “Walk Score” is a term that is becoming more popular and will be shown in home listings, which is a good indicator of how easily you can navigate around the neighborhood on foot.  The higher the Walk Score, the more accessible the neighborhood and its venues are on foot.

With the trends for healthier lifestyles, green lifestyles, and the need to conserve and save, homes in these types of neighborhoods are becoming more in demand.  Denver has some outstanding walkable neighborhoods.

Denver is the nation’s 16th largest walkable city ranking at 60 on the Walk Score.  Among the best walkable neighborhoods, you’ll find:

Central Business District

With a Walk Score of 96 and a population of 3,631 the Central Business District is the ideal walkable neighborhood.  The Central Business District is also referred to as LoDo and over the last decade has grown with personal, retail and commercial style.  One of the most charming aspects of the neighborhood is its historical buildings which hold a link to Denver’s past, and you can walk everywhere.  The neighborhood offers the ideal loft and condo living lifestyle, as well as, single family homes which are surrounded by some of Denver’s best dining, arts, culture and shopping.  If it can’t be easily reached by foot, a short free shuttle is just a ride away, making cars unnecessary within the community.

North Capitol Hill

With a Walk Score of 91 and a population of 5,662, North Capitol Hill ranks as Denver’s 2nd most walkable neighborhood. Capitol Hill is located in East Denver and is often referred to as Chessman Park, however, Chessman Park is a separate neighborhood.  The neighborhood is a mature neighborhood with commercial centers and recreation.  With structures dating back to the 1920s, the neighborhood features some of Denver’s oldest single-family homes.  Residents enjoy numerous stores, bars, clubs, restaurants, concert venues, arts and culture within close proximity, with a majority of these destinations within walking distance.  The neighborhood is influenced by its proximity to the Colorado State Capitol, East Colfax Avenue, and Downtown, which makes it a popular community among artists.

Capitol Hill

With a Walk Score of 90, and a population of 14,662, Capitol Hill ranks as Denver’s 3rd most walkable neighborhood.  Capitol Hill is located in East Denver just southeast of Denver’s Central Business District.  The neighborhood is a walkable neighborhood with public transportation, as well, to ensure residents can reach the many restaurants, shops, bars, and pubs, as well as, other community venues that make for Capital Hill’s unique living lifestyle.

Civic Center

With a Walk Score of 90, and a population of 1,586, Civic Center is Denver’s 4th most walkable neighborhood. The Civic Center offers various institutions of arts, culture and government and it also provides a community spirit that is celebrated through parades, festivals and protests throughout the year.  The community is one with beautiful structures and green space which include formal gardens, statues, fountains, and the Voorhies Memorial Seal Pond.  Being one of Denver’s most walkable neighborhoods, it is ideal for all generations offering a unique lifestyle that can be appreciated at any age.


With a Walk Score of 89, and a population of 4,887, Baker is Denver’s 5th most walkable neighborhood.  Baker is a mix of industrial, residential and commercial properties, which offer a neighborhood to live and work.

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