What’s to Love about Parker, Colorado?

There’s something to love about Parker, Colorado which offers plenty of reasons to purchase real estate that is much more than ideal communities. Parker is in a prime location just 20 miles from downtown Denver, Colorado and features outstanding communities that include horse properties, amenities, tall grasses, green spaces, and city convenience without the hectic pace.

There is plenty to love about Parker, CO- The Cherry Creek Bike Trail which runs just north of Castlewood Canyon State Park into downtown Denver. Parker features plenty of events and festivals which include horse drawn carriages, parades, wine festivals, food festivals, music concerts, art festivals, holiday events, carnivals, and more that offer residents something to do at all times of the year.

The Parker Arts, Cultural Events center is another feature of Parker and one that is an amazing 250 seat amphitheater featuring state of the art technology and comfortable seating. Truly magnificent! The Denver Tech Center is about a 15 minute drive from Parker. The fabulous Castlewood Canyon- also called the mini Grand Canyon, is just 20 minutes south of the town, and features magnificent trails and Cherry Creek.

Hospitals and medical care are just a few miles away, the Rocky Mountain views are magnificent, and sunsets glorious! Parker, CO offers light rail transportation that conveniently takes residents into downtown Denver. The Douglas County School System, which is ranked among the highest in the Nation offers a stellar education for children. Residents are friendly, communities are family friendly, and crime rates are low. The lifestyle is relaxed with plenty of activities offering a lifestyle filled with options.

Parker, CO is the perfect mix of nature with wide open space, close-knit communities, fantastic real estate that includes golf communities, retirement communities, lakefront communities, equestrian properties, mountain properties, luxury homes, condos, townhomes, and more. Lifestyles are pleasant, the people friendly, recreation grand, and living affordable. What’s not to love about Parker, CO?

Horse and Camping Trails

Colorado is beautiful with its natural landscapes that go on for miles and the state is a  major attraction to many individuals all over the world. When you visit Colorado you can take advantage of thousands of miles or trails for biking and hiking some of the trails are also used for off roads and can accommodate terrain vehicles. If you love horse back riding there are hundreds of miles of bridle trails that carry you gorgeous scenery across Colorado.

Colorado is home to 54 national recreation areas that offer scenic horseback riding and site seeing trails. There are 6 national parks plus 20 Colorado state parks. If you love horse back camping sites, the US Forest Service provides horse camping sites for two of the State Parks that is close to horse corrals. You can also rent horses at several of the recreational locations and state parks.

The Alvarado Reservation Campground is home to three campsites which is able to comfortably accommodate 8 individuals. There is also the San Isabel National Forest that is located in Central Colorado. When you visit these parks there are toilets and potable drinking water which is accessible by hand pumps.  When you travel always take emergency supplies with you in the event you get caught in a thunderstorm.

For the adventurous traveler, visit the Purgatoire Reservation Campground.  There are an additional eight camping grounds that cater to horse back riding. You can take a trip to the Vega State Park which is located in central Collbaran. If you love horse back camping then Colorado has many different trails that cater to horseback riding one of the most popular location is the Grand Mesa National Forest. The Colorado State Park does not offer Horse Camping. You can enjoy the corrals which is located at the rustic cabins which are home to many family campgrounds you can make your reservations ahead of time for the Corrals.

One of the major developed parks is the Colorado State Forest Park. A recent addition is the Brockman Campground they have included facilities for horse camping. If you love hiking and site seeing the State Forest Park has made available over 50 miles of trails/ roadways that are perfect for horse back riding, boating, bicycling, hiking and fishing opportunities. You can also rent cabins for camping.

If you love camping and horseback riding ad you don’t own a horse the Chatfield and Cherry Creek State park have stables that are conveniently located on ground. They offer horse back rentals as well as guided tours. Located to the south of Denver one of the popular State Parks is Cherry Creek.

The location is quite popular with visitors as there are many scenic trails and amenities that are designed to keep all guests comfortable.  If you love Colorado and horseback camping, you will need to remember that all the feed that is given to the horses should be certified weed free.  This also includes pellets and hay. If you’re interested in a vacation you can check ahead of time with the park and camp site regarding their regulations. Some locations do not include water so you may need to take also several bucks and hose.

Greenwood Village, Colorado Offers a Plethora of Equestrian Activities

Greenwood Village in Colorado is a haven for those who love horses and riding. The Village works to preserve its rural character through the development and maintenance of 5 equestrian parks and trails in the area, each with its own character. If you are looking for activities, check out these locations.

Rollin D. Barnard Equestrian Park

This park features a cross country jump course, a natural area for riding, and an outdoor arena. The park is designed to preserve the natural environment in the area as well as protect the wildlife and habitat that is found around the drainage ways throughout the park. The park is 13 acres and is located on East Orchard Road.

Alexander Lane Equestrian Park

This 2.4 acre park is located on East Alexander Avenue and is in a rural homestead neighborhood. The park features access to several natural creek crossings for equestrian riders in the area and so features a trail course that is easily accessible. It also features a riding arena and cross country course. The park is only reachable via horseback and no trailers or vehicles are allowed to park on Alexander Lane.


The Village also features three designated equestrian trails. There is the Monaco/Crestline Trail in the Greenwood Hills neighborhood, the Steel Street Crossing that provides a safe passage through Little Dry Creek, and the Colorado Boulevard Trail which is accessible at Orchard Road and High Line Canal.

Finding equestrian activities is easy in Greenwood, Colorado and surrounding areas. With so many trails and park facilities available to riders, there is sure to be something for everyone in the Greenwood area. Riders should remember that others besides equestrians are allowed to use the trails and should practice good trail etiquette at all times and that motorized vehicles of any kind are not allowed on the trails.

Buying a Ranch in Colorado

The decision to buy a ranch property in Colorado is a big investment and commitment.  With a certain amount of planning, most people find that buying a ranch is incredibly rewarding and can be beneficial mentally and physically.  If you have decided to abandon city living for wide – open prairies and big, blue Colorado skies, then be sure to get clear on a few things before your big purchase.

First of all, determine what your goals are for owning a ranch and why you are willing to take on this responsibility.  When you understand your purpose for making this purchase, it makes all that hard work easier to bare.

Know and understand the location of the property that you are considering.  It’s always good to take a drive around the area and meet with your neighbors.  Find out what they use their property for to make sure that it melds with your vision.  Find out the proximity to landfills, prisons or anything else that might affect the value of your investment.

Do your research on water issues and rights. Water is a very valuable resource in the West and you need to make sure that you have enough water to operate your ranch, especially if you will be caring for livestock.  It’s a good idea to speak with a lawyer who is up to speed on water rights.

Finally, find out about mineral rights for the property.  In the State of Colorado, mineral rights must be disclosed in each contract.  Some seller’s will retain their mineral rights for the property or never had full rights to begin with.

Going into a closing with clarity on all of these issues will provide you with peace of mind and you will able to enjoy your investment and living on a Colorado ranch for many years to come.